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This Florist Behind These Amazing Beauty & The Beast Roses Has A Secret You Don't Know

Read till the end to learn the secret & how you can be part of it.

The folks over at BloomBack are accustomed to hearing people squeal over their flowers, especially their Beauty & The Beast roses. This comes in multiple colours - red, pink, royale blue, teal, black, and purple - and it's one of the bestsellers on their website.

Other than the Beauty & The Beast rose, BloomBack also has a range of other preserved roses in an assortment of colours and arrangements. With proper care (no exposure to direct sunlight), these preserved flowers can last up to 5 years - making it a far more lasting gift than your regular bouquet of flowers.

There's more than meets the eye with BloomBack, though. The company works with marginalized women (victims of abuse, suffering from disabilities, etc) and trains them to be floral artisans – in fact, all the beautiful bouquets and arrangements under the “BloomBack Series” on their website are lovingly handmade by these marginalized women.

For founder Hazel, this desire to help the marginalized in Singapore stemmed from a young age. Hazel’s sister, Faith, has a unique disability that reduces her vision; she’s only able to see from waist up, and has no peripheral vision. Faith is also hearing impaired, and she's had to grapple with these issues since early childhood, as well as overcome the other challenges that life has thrown her way since then.

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Because Hazel strongly believes that charity starts at home, she’s walking the talk by employing Faith as the Head of Volunteers at BloomBack. Faith’s job scope includes liaising with the florist volunteers, who come on board to impart their skills to the community of marginalized women that BloomBack works closely with.

“Before I started working at BloomBack, I didn’t dare to dream, or have any aspirations. A job was just a job – if I could hold down something stable and earn a decent living, that was all I could hope for. I also felt that I had nothing noteworthy to contribute to conversations, and was afraid to speak up for fear of being judged,” says Faith.

“After I came to BloomBack and started working with the volunteers, I’m so much more confident – and I’m still improving, day by day. It’s made me feel that I can be a role model to the other marginalized women, and that I can actually make a difference.”

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In the eyes of Faith's close friends and family, it's obvious that she's experienced an extraordinary amount of personal growth in the short time that she's been working at BloomBack. To Hazel, that's the largest reward; this is also what keeps her going even though the hours are long and the work is never-ending.

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