These 6 Clothing Choices Will Impress Even The Snobbiest Interviewer

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

Not sure what to wear for your impending interview? We've got you covered.

A decade or so ago, career guidance counselors would instruct you to NEVER deviate from the "formula" of a stiffly starched white shirt and pencil skirt when going for an interview. Today, however, all that has changed.

Context is everything - meaning you'll want to dress for the industry and position that you're interviewing for. The white shirt and pencil skirt combination is pretty outdated, and depending on what kind of role you're trying to fill, sticking to this outfit might result in your employer perceiving you as rigid and uncreative.

That doesn't mean you have a free-for-all, either. The goal of the interview is for you to impress the interviewer, and you won't be able to manage that if you're sloppily dressed. How do you strike that balance, then? And what outfits are formal enough, yet appropriate to your industry's nuances? Read on to find out!

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