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The Secret To Appearing Like You're Way Taller Than You Really Are (As Revealed By Hollyhoque)

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Here's how to look taller than you really are.

If you shop online regularly, you'll probably have heard of Hollyhoque and its owner, Sheila Mandy. Apart from taking care of Hollyhoque's operations and appearing in front of the camera to model their latest collections, Sheila is also an avid instagrammer. The 27 year old ladyboss updates her feed almost on a daily basis, posting pictures of her food, yoga poses, and of course, OOTDs - the latter of which she has clearly perfected the art of.

Even though Sheila is always in low-maintenance sneakers or sandals in her OOTDs, she never fails to look leggy and statuesque. In fact, we were pretty surprised when she revealed her actual height. Standing at 1.6m, Sheila is actually shorter than the average Singaporean female - but you'd NEVER be able to tell from looking at her pictures alone.

Want to know Sheila's secret? It's simply a matter of stocking your wardrobe with the right pieces of clothing that elongate your legs and flatter your figure. The good news? You don't need to purchase expensive items or tailor your clothes in order to achieve this effect - simply shop at a brand that designs its items with petite, less lanky frames in mind, such as Hollyhoque.

Here are 5 items from Hollyhoque that you should wear to make you appear taller:

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