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Ohvola Sisters Reveal Secrets Behind Singapore's Most Well-Loved Fashion Label

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Ohvola has come a long way.

If you've been shopping only ever since the Livejournal days, you'll have witnessed the evolution of blogshops and how far they've come in the journey to their current ecommerce sites. For the Ohvola sisters, however, it goes even further back. They first started selling through a pushcart stall, in support of an initiative by their school's entrepreneurship club.

In the nine years since then, the Ohvola sisters and their label have skyrocketed to fame, earning themselves legions of fans who love the brand and what it stands for.

Ohvola prides itself on being accessible, and for making apparel that make women feel good in their own skin. Whilst other brands typically engage tall, leggy models to model their outfits, the Ohvola sisters (who are as petite as the average Singaporean woman!) are ambassadors of their own brand, and it is this relatability that endears them to their fans.

"When you walk away from Ohvola with a new purchase, we want you to feel like it's made your day," explain Lucinda and Jolene. "You shouldn't be worrying about whether you'll be able to pull it off, like how the model does."

Here are some of the pieces from Ohvola's latest collection, modelled and styled by Lucinda and Jolene.

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