Men In Fashion: The Hardworking Husband Behind Local Brand Ohvola

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In the third installment of our Men In Fashion series, we interview Max from well-loved local label Ohvola. Max is married to Lucinda, who founded Ohvola together with her sister, Jolene, back in 2007. Although Max has been in the banking and finance industry for five years - and is still in the same industry! - he takes time out of his busy schedule to help out with Ohvola.

Getfash: Hi Max! How did you start helping out at Ohvola?
Max: During family outings or dinners, I used to overhear Lucinda's discussions with Jolene regarding Ohvola. I also accompany her to her business meetings as a silent listener. Somewhere along the way, I realised that I can offer my assistance and advice to her by leveraging on my working experience. We're talking about anything from sales to marketing, people management, tax and accounting, and even corporate culture.

Getfash: That's a pretty long list! How about the photo-taking - do you help with that as well?
Max: Yes! During the weekends, Lucinda will be decked in her Ohvola outfits, and I'm her designated photographer. When I first started, I was terrible at it, but like they say - practice makes perfect. Now I know her angles and preferences better, so it usually takes just a couple of shots before she finds one that she likes.

Getfash: So you're the one responsible for all the gorgeous pictures we see on Instagram. What do you like about working with Lucinda and Jolene on the brand?
Max: Personally, I enjoy sharing my work experiences with her and applying it to Ohvola to help it expand and grow. Of course, it's hugely satisfying to see that some of my advice has improved Ohvola's business model. But having said all of that, Ohvola's success still comes down to the hard work and effort put in by Lucinda and Jolene, who single handedly built the brand up from scratch.

Getfash: Aww, it's great to see that you're so supportive of the sisters. Did you ever think that you would date or marry an entrepreneur?
Max: Not at all - but I love how Lucinda is dauntless and always willing to try. Sometimes people don't realise this, but running an online store or a fashion label is an immensely tough job that requires a unique skill set - and I admire Lucinda for having the tenacity and capability to undertake this.

Getfash: And is there anything that has surprised you about this industry so far?
Max: I'm always amazed by the number of parcels they mail out every time we launch a new collection. Women are such avid shoppers - it feels like they need a new outfit everyday!

Getfash: What's next in store for Ohvola?
Max: We won't rest on our laurels - we're constantly putting in effort to improve on our processes and service experience, and we're also going more in-depth in terms of performance tracking for our marketing campaigns. As always, you can expect new arrivals every Thursday - so please keep shopping and supporting us!

Ohvola has certainly come a long way since its days of selling on Livejournal. Check out some of our favourite items from the well-loved fashion brand below:

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