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Men In Fashion: The Hardworking Boyfriends + Husbands Behind Your Fav Online Stores

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

These are the men who work behind the scenes to feed our shopping addictions.

In the first installment of our Men In Fashion series, we interview Vincent from Korean fashion store Ministry of Retail. Whilst Vincent works full-time with his wife, Yi Fong, on Ministry of Retail, their roles are clearly divided. He says that everything fashion-related is entrusted to her, and that he's the go-to tech guy who takes care of all the IT.

Getfash: We heard there was an interesting story behind how Ministry of Retail was founded. Tell us more!
Vincent: It all started when Yi Fong was organizing sprees - basically, collating orders for people and helping them buy items from foreign brands. I was fed-up of her spending so much time on this project of hers and neglecting me, so I suggested that we start an e-commerce business together!

Getfash: That's a sweet story. How is it like working together?
Vincent: We see each other 24/7 - I see Yi Fong at work and at home, and sometimes even in my dreams! Some couples may not like it, but it works very well for us. Another great thing about working together is that we don’t really need to choose between work and family, because both are integrated into our daily lives. For example, we can accompany our daughters on their school excursions on weekdays, or bring them to the office on weekends.

Getfash: In terms of workloads, who has the tougher job, or who puts in more hours?
Vincent: We work equally long and hard - we're both full-time, from Monday to Friday, so we can’t point fingers at each other and say "you’re slacking!"

Getfash: It's been 8 years since you guys started the company - what are some things you've learnt about the fashion industry?
Vincent: I'm definitely a lot more clued-in about specific colours and shades. I used to think there were only two shades of blue - dark blue and light blue - but I now know that there’s sky blue, lavender blue, turquoise blue, and more!

Getfash: Can you share what you're currently working on?
Vincent: I'm very intrigued about how technology can improve the business - so whilst Yi Fong is bringing in new styles and designs, I'll be continuing to develop our ecommerce software and tweaking the website to provide an even better experience for our customers. We look forward to our existing customers' continual support, and will also be reaching out to new customers at the same time!

To provide customers with more choice, Ministry of Retail brings in curated pieces from four different Korean fashion labels - Styleonme, Vividnco, Sweetglam and Dint. Check out some of our favourite items from Ministry of Retail below:

#1: These chic layered pieces

men in fashion
S H O P :
The great thing about layering is that it can be done in an infinite number of ways - shirt, turtleneck, knit, blouse, dress, all are fair game.

#2: These hard-to-beat basics

men in fashion
S H O P :
Korean fashion emphasizes clean-cut basics over loud prints. If your outfit has too many busy elements to it, you’re doing it wrong!

#3: These stylish accessories

men in fashion
S H O P :
Accessorize with simple pieces such as a pearl bangle, a choker and an undeniably stylish pair of shades.

#4: These shirts & shirtdresses

men in fashion
S H O P :
These aren’t any old shirts that you can swipe from your boyfriend’s wardrobe - they’re classic pieces reinvented in their own ways.

#5: These off shoulder & cold shoulder looks

men in fashion
S H O P :
Off shoulders and cold shoulders are a great way to spice up your look without baring too much thigh or cleavage. Pull your hair back for maximum impact!

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