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Men In Fashion II: The Hardworking Boyfriends + Husbands Behind Your Fav Online Stores

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

These are the men who work behind the scenes to feed our shopping addictions.

In our second installment of our Men In Fashion series, we interview Kingsley from local lingerie brand I'M IN. Kingsley, who joined his wife, Elfaine, to work on I'M IN full-time earlier this year, calls himself a "Chief Everything Officer", and says that the opportunity to work on the business "excites the hell out of him".

Some of I'M IN's offerings - brought in by Kingsley and Elfaine (below)

Getfash: First of all, we have to ask... underwear? Really?
Kingsley: I know, it's counter-intuitive! But of course, Elfaine handles the design and marketing, and I'm more involved in the supply chain and operations side of things. I wouldn't dream of being the one in charge of selecting the fabric, deciding on the design... I imagine that it'd be really challenging.

Getfash: What's the best part about this gig?
Kingsley: The best part is definitely the execution - so working on our supply chain and processes, and seeing the results come to fruition.

Getfash: What have you learnt about women's fashion?
Kingsley: I learnt that fashion is highly nuanced, especially when it comes to intimatewear... for men, the buying decision is usually a lot more simple, but with women, there's a lot of different factors that come into play.

Getfash: What can we expect from I'M IN in time to come?
Kingsley: We've been working on operating more effectively and cutting extra costs so that we can provide high quality yet affordable pieces. We expect to sustain this and have I'M IN be known as an inspirational brand with top notch quality!

I'M IN launches regularly with intricate bralettes, "cheekies", and lounge shorts. All purchases come beautifully wrapped with a handwritten card based on the occasion. These make great gifts for your besties, your sisters, the other half, or even yourself!

Check out some of our favourite items from I'M IN below:

#1: These lace panties

men in fashion
S H O P :
Slip on any one of these beautiful, delicate lace panties, and we guarantee that you’ll have a good day.

#2: These sexyback bralettes

men in fashion
S H O P :
Showing your bra straps isn’t a faux pas - not if you do it right with these gorgeous bralettes!

#3: These bralette / cropped top hybrids

men in fashion
S H O P :
Feeling bold? Pair these bad boys with an outwear of your choice, and you’re ready to paint the town red.

#4: These cute lounge shorts

men in fashion
S H O P :
Because you deserve to look and feel great all the time, even when you’re alone at home.

#5: These printed "cheekies"

men in fashion
S H O P :
Throw out your monochrome panties and spice up your underwear drawer with these irresistible printed "cheekies".

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