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Live WYLD with The Wyld Shop.

We always hear the phrase "work hard, play hard" - and for founder of The Wyld Shop, Kara Bensley-Austin, these two parts of her life have never been separate.

The Wyld Shop was, quite literally, borne out of a party, as well as Kara's desire to introduce more Singaporeans to the 'Australian High Street' look - a laid back, sundrenched aesthetic driven by the cosmopolitan heartbeat of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

She set up her first pop-up store and threw a party to introduce locals to The Wyld Shop - and response was overwhelming. Her customers love the eclectic, vibrant range that she carries, as well as The Wyld Shop's motto of living WYLD and living free, with the confidence to dream and be whoever you want to be.

"Forget about all those dreary rules about what you can or cannot do," says Kara. "Fashion should be liberating and fun, and not restrictive!"

And what could be more fun than booking one of The Wyld Shop's famous trunk shows? If you're not familiar with this - it's basically a fun get-together or party in which you invite all your friends to play dress-up, with The Wyld Shop bringing a selection of clothes straight to your doorstep. Shopping sans the crowds and the queues at the fitting rooms? Sounds like a dream come true to us!

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