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Lawyers Turned Fashion Store Owners: Twin Sisters from J&J The Label Talk About What Made Them Abandon Their Law Careers

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These lawyers turned fashion store owners spill the beans on why they gave up law.

What do you do when you're a law student, but you can’t foresee yourself being a lawyer in the future?

You jump ship, and start selling clothes instead.

For twin sisters Jaycee and Jasmine, their path to becoming co-founders of online fashion store J&J The Label wasn’t a straightforward one. Both sisters were studying law in the UK, and on track to finishing school, clinching their first jobs, and starting out their careers in the law industry.

There was just one problem: they didn't want to be lawyers.

Rather than devote their time to something which they knew they had no future in, Jaycee and Jasmine decided to go into fashion, and started their own label. When they broke the news to their family, their parents were NOT happy.

“It was pretty tough for our parents to accept,” the sisters share. “Instead of having 2 lawyers in the family, they suddenly had 2 daughters selling clothes. They would even try to sugarcoat things for our relatives – for example, we went to do a 1-month fashion business course, and my mother told her family that it was a marketing course instead, without mentioning a word about the fashion part.”

Even though their parents were disapproving, Jaycee and Jasmine did everything in their power to make their new label a success – and their determination and capability even won them an investor.

“This was actually our mother’s friend, and she was hoping that he would employ us for entry-level positions in his company,” says Jaycee. “When we met him, we talked his ear off about J&J The Label, and he saw potential in the business. Instead of offering us a job, he offered to fund our company.”

Fast forward several months later, things are looking up for Jasmine and Jaycee. It’s still early days, of course, but they have an investor on board, their parents have finally come to accept that they’re serious about their fashion business, and they’re slowly but steadily amassing a loyal base of customers who regularly purchase from them.

As to who has the final say over the designs that J&J The Label launch, it’s a fairly democratic process. Given that the sisters have distinctly different styles (Jaycee likes minimalist and simple designs; Jasmine goes for floral, feminine looks), you’d think that there might be clashes in the creative process, but we hear that the sisters don’t bring their personal tastes into the equation.

“Most of the time, we survey our friends to see what their opinions are, so our designs are crowdsourced rather than based on our personal preferences,” explains Jasmine. That having been said, J&J The Label is known for their emphasis on floral and lace patterns, so the sisters do try and keep to the same theme with the launch of each new collection.

Now that J&J The Label has built up a sizeable base of customers in Malaysia, they’ve set their sights on expanding to Singapore, as well as other Asian countries. The sisters have also gotten feedback from customers saying that they’d love to see a premium line consisting of dressier pieces which can be worn to weddings, parties, and other occasions – and they’re also making plans to turn this into a reality.

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