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It's 11/11! Singles' Day Also Means Shopping Day!

You might be surprised to find out that Singles' Day Shopping originated from China--we know we were. After all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, similar shopping extravaganzas, are products of the United States. 

It was said that Chinese students felt lonely on Valentine's Day and thus created an antithesis to it. The date, November 11th, provided the perfect numbers for celebrating such a day. Instead of receiving gifts from a significant other, you went out to treat yourself instead. 

Singles' Day blew out of proportions when Alibaba decided to take part. Now, it's just another day in the year for all of us--single or no--to snap up great deals online.

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Excited, yet? So are we! Here's a compilation of all the Singles Day promotions online to get you started. If we left out any deals, let us know! 

Click on the images to be brought through to the merchant page. 



a for arcade singles day 2016 promotion


ASOS singles day 2016 promotion



Ellysage singles day 2016 promotion


Love Bonito

Love Bonito Singles Day 2016 promotion


MDS Collections

MDS collections singles day 2016 promotions



Selected shoes at $11 / $11 off all new arrivals

Mitju singles day 2016 promotion


Ninth Collective

Ninth Collective Singles Day 2016 promotion



Pomelo Singles day 2016 promotion



Purpur Singles Day 2016 promotion


Runway Bandits

Runway Bandits Singles Day 2016 Promotion

soeurs co singles day 2016 promotion


Soigné the label

soigne the label singles day 2016 promotions


The Closet Lover

the closet lover singles day 2016 promotion


The Stage Walk

the stage walk singles day 2016 promotion


The Tinsel Rack

The Tinsel Rack Singles Day 2016 promotion


Thread Theory

Thread Theory Singles Day 2016 promotion



Yacht21 singles day 2016 promotion


Young Hungry Free

Young Hungry Free Singles Day 2016 promotion



$11 deals - Buy 5 for $50
$22 deals - Buy 3 for $60

zalora singles day 2016 promotion


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