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I'M IN is Back with More Inspiring Underwear and New T-Shirts

It's been awhile since we talked about I'M IN, the underwear brand that is aiming to inspire women with adorable intimate wear.

So, what's new?

So many things--as far as we can tell!

First, they've introduced a new line of products. The I'M IN LOVE Tee Collection features uber cute designs on a premium cotton material, that is soft to the touch. There are also no labels attached to the item so you'll have maximum comfort, without the need to remove them yourself. Perfect for rolling around in bed, especially if you're part of the sleep-in club (see below!). 

Secondly, they've got new monochrome designs for the minimalist underwear-er! Think clean grids, and white prints on black. 

Last but not least, I'M IN's cheekies now come in a pearl white waistband! This provides the wearer with lower contrast against lighter-coloured fabric.

Let's not forget the brand's permanent promotion...

Im in promotion bundle sale

And if you'd like to purchase even more cheekies, you can also get them in bundles of 5 ($59.5 $48.5) and 8 ($95.2 $75.9). 

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