How to wear red

How to Wear Red Without Looking Like an Ang Bao

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If you're wondering how to wear red this Chinese New Year, we've got you covered.

If you typically stick to safe colours and avoid red like the plague, you're not alone. But with Chinese New Year just around the corner, it's likely that you'll be under at least some pressure to wear something more 'auspicious'.

Not sure how to style a red outfit? We look to some of our favourite bloggers and Instagrammers to see how they pull it off.

Yina's wearing: a red peplum dress

How to wear red
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When you’re wearing a colour that’s so loud, go for something simple and unfussy, like Yina’s fitted red dress. If you want your dress to accentuate your figure, make sure you choose something with peplum details like hers!

Picture from @yinagoh.

Melissa's wearing: a ruffled red dress

How to wear red
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Are you a petite girl who can sometimes get away with buying clothes from the children’s section? Take a tip out of Melissa’s book and go for a ruffled dress, which will help to create the illusion of more curves.

Picture from @melissackoh.

Francesca's wearing: a strappy red top

How to wear red
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Maybe you just want to dip your toe in the water, and you don’t want to go full-on red. An easy option is to go for a strappy red top like how Francesca does. Statement earrings, jeans and a clutch will complete the look!

Picture from@itsfranxcesca.

Samantha's wearing: a red jumpsuit

How to wear red
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Shuttling between multiple houses this Chinese New Year? A jumpsuit is in order! Try something that’s flowy from waist-down, like the one that Samantha has on. You’ll be able to stuff yourself with all the new year goodies without having to worry about whether it’ll show!

Picture from @societyofsnobs.

Jessica's wearing: an asymmetric red skirt

How to wear red
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Our last outfit by Jessica is effortlessly laidback and chic. The blouse and skirt combo is a no-brainer, but she keeps things interesting by picking a skirt with an asymmetric hem.

Picture from @tippytapp.

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