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How to Get the Best out of a Shirt Tailor's visit

At the end of this guide, we'll be showing you where you can get a perfectly tailored shirt for only S$56 per piece. Read on to find out. 

Today, tailors are more tech-savvy than ever. Orders can be done online; customers' measurements are stored in online databases; an algorithm instantly suggests a fit based on your measurements. So, the purchasing of a perfectly fitting shirt can be done without the need to leave the comfort of your home, office, or campus.

Getting the perfect fit—anywhere, anytime.

Some tailors even go the extra mile by visiting the customer at his/her location to take or update measurements. They bring along fabric samples so that customers can examine the quality. Orders are also taken and payment is made on the spot.

An example of such a tailor is, which offers custom, tailored shirts from Korea for both men and women at amazingly affordable prices.

But how does one get the best out of a shirt tailor's visit, especially from STRIPES?

Here are 4 ways to make the visit more time-efficient and comfortable; helping you make the best shirt customisation choice.


Pick Your Fabric Design Before the Visit

People prefer tailor visits because of the time-saving benefit. It helps if you choose your fabric from the STRIPES online catalog before a tailor visits you.

Have a few options in mind--just in case you dislike the texture of your chosen fabric.

STRIPES has six types of shirt fabric designs to choose from:


1. Solid Colours

S$56 to S$66 per shirt | To see all solid fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


2. Striped Patterns

S$66 to S$76 per shirt | To see all stripe fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


3. Checkered Patterns

S$56 to S$66 per shirt | To see all checkered fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


4. Casual Designs

S$66 per shirt | To see all casual fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


5. Premium Material 

S$76 per shirt | To see all premium fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


6. Functional Material 

S$56 to S$76 per shirt | To see all functional fabrics & book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


Look Through The Style Options

Likewise, use this as a guide to decide how you want your shirt to be customised. If you don't understand any of the options, the STRIPES tailor will be there to assist you.

To book a FREE visit from a STRIPES tailor, click here


Pick a Comfortable Location

To decide on a location for the tailor visit, consider how comfortable you will be, when your measurements are taken in the presence of other people.

Work in an office?
The pantry or meeting room would give you a considerable amount of privacy.

Schedule the visit at home?
For the safety of you and the tailor, stylists will not enter customers' homes. You can still arrange to meet the tailor at the:

  • HDB void deck
  • Condominium guest house or function room
  • Front porch of landed housing

Schedule the visit in a public area?
Did you know that majority of STRIPES customers schedule their visits at cafés like Starbucks?

Saw, one of the STRIPES tailors, assures his customers that good quality measuring would take less than 5 minutes. Two of the Getfash guys had their measurements taken by Saw and found him very professional, which made the experience very pleasant.


Bring a Friend

If you still feel awkward about being measured in the presence of other people, get a friend to be there! He/She can help you make your decision, and break up awkward tensions.


At only S$56 to S$76 per shirt, STRIPES offers one of the most affordable tailoring service in Singapore.



If you are around the Tanjong Pagar area, you can get a STRIPES tailored shirt, regardless of fabric choice, at only S$56!

Simply book a FREE tailor appointment at the STRIPES showroom at International Plaza:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Complete the free visit form
  3. A STRIPES tailor will contact you within 2-3 working days to schedule your FREE appointment!


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