How One Brand Is Thriving in Singapore's Retail Apocalypse

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It's no secret that the retail industry, both in Singapore and worldwide, is floundering.

The vast majority of retail shops in Singapore have been hit irrevocably hard by the sluggish economy and the ever decreasing foot traffic. Forget SMEs - even retail conglomerates such as John Little, which, with a history of 174 years, lays claim to being the oldest department store in Singapore, have decided to cut their losses and close shop for good.

It isn't all doom and gloom, though - with a select number of stores managing to carve out a name for themselves and grow their business despite the heaping challenges that have obstructed their way. One notable example is Purpur, a local brand which was borne 15 years ago.

If you haven't heard of the brand, you'd probably bet that it deals mainly in the e-commerce scene - but that isn't the case. In an era where Livejournal blogshops were the norm, Purpur bucked the trend and went straight for retail. Whilst the larger players of the now bygone blogshop era have since moved on to brick and mortar as well, Purpur is still ahead of the pack, with a whopping 8 retail outlets established to date.

Today, Purpur is well-acquainted with both retail, as well as the e-commerce space. But whilst other local labels still rely heavily on e-commerce to drive sales, Purpur is doing exceedingly well on the retail front.

What is Purpur's secret sauce that has enabled it to grow exponentially in a hyper-competitive retail scene where the odds are stacked against them? The company has an unyielding commitment to exceptional customer service; this entails training all customer-facing employees to ensure that they are able to provide recommendations to shoppers, and serve as ad-hoc fashion consultants if needed.

Although Purpur has achieved impressive results in a short period of time, the company isn't slowing down anytime soon. Their next move is to bring the label overseas - and we hear that talks regarding franchising opportunities are currently being held.

Purpur's apparel are available to purchase in their 8 outlets across, Singapore, as well as their online shop. Here are Getfash's top picks from their latest collection:

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Use the button below to shop Purpur's entire collection and earn 5% cashback:

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