How 2 Ambitious Sisters Are Making A Comeback In The Online Fashion Scene

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Nothing's stopping Lovengold this time.

Co-founders of Lovengold, Ivy and Lynn, are giving the fashion industry a second shot after pulling out of the scene years ago. "We keep thinking - what if we had persevered back then? It feels like we didn't give it our best shot, and that's why we wanted to make a comeback," says Ivy.

For those who aren't familiar with the brand, Lovengold (pronounced Loven-gold) goes way back. When the two sisters first started selling clothes online in the "golden era" of 2006, the market was much less saturated, and it was essentially easier for brands to stand out and acquire customers.

On Ivy (Left): Ivara Off Shoulder Swing Floral Dress, S$39.50
On Lynn (Right): Drea Ruffle Shoulder Jumpsuit, S$42.50

So why did they stop selling clothes online? Real life got in the way. "Once we graduated, we were under a lot of pressure to get a proper job," says Ivy. This pressure is what resulted in Lovengold being put on a indefinite hiatus - but in taking the "traditional" path, Ivy and Lynn realised that they just weren't happy. 5 years later, the two sisters are back with more capital, more working experience, and they're determined to carve a name out for themselves this time.

Hard work doesn't faze the sisters - in fact, they're so invested into Lovengold that it's impossible for them to limit themselves to the standard office hours. "We're always thinking about our designs and what to include in our next collection," says Lynn. "Sometimes, I will be researching for market trends late at night and we will start to discuss how are we going to improvise on the inspirations that we found. We will get really excited to prepare our design samples, even in the middle of the night!"

There's an obvious theme and cohesiveness in all of Lovengold's designs - which is that they're easy to wear, timeless, and versatile. "Before importing or manufacturing any item, we ask ourselves whether we'd wear it many times, or whether we'd wear it just once and then put it up for sale on Carousell. If it's the latter, then it doesn't make the cut!" Lynn explains.

Luiza Pleated Midi Dress, S$43.50

Lovengold also strives to achieve a balance between femininity and masculinity in their designs. You won't find your typical girly-girl lace dresses amongst their offerings - instead, their aesthetic comprises of clean-cut, modern designs that are highly office-appropriate. Think structured jumpsuits, stylish shirtdresses, and preppy polka-dotted skirts. "We noticed that a lot of OLs (office ladies) tend to have a certain "uniform" that they repeat each week - so we hope that Lovengold can help to introduce more easy-to-wear pieces into their workwear rotation, so that they won't have to wear the same thing all the time!" shares Ivy.

Regal Shoulder Jumpsuit, S$40.50

If you're looking for stylish, fuss-free pieces that you won't have to put much thought into styling, Lovengold's apparel will be right up your alley. Check out Getfash's top picks from Lovengold's latest collection below:

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