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Get the Right Size When Shopping Online With This Useful Tool

Getting the right size when buying clothes online can be a gamble, especially with the large variety of brands and stores offering different sizes.

That's why we created the size suggestion tool for shoppable style guides published on our site. It instantly suggests the size that'll fit you best for featured apparel based on your vital statistics!

How it works:

1. In the 'Shop Matching Items' section of our shoppable style guides, click 'What's My Size'.
You can try it below!

2. Enter your chest, waist, and hip measurements.

3. Get instant size suggestions on our shoppable style articles!

Give it a shot!

We've gathered some outfits and matching items from some of your favourite online brands for you to try the size suggestion tool.

Go ahead and give it a shot below!

The tool compares your body measurements with those of the featured apparel, and eliminates sizes that are too small for you. To find a size that will not sit too loosely on your body, it considers the gap between your body and the item's measurements.

Were the size suggestions accurate?

Let us know your thoughts here!

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