dresses with pockets

6 Dresses With Pockets (For Women Who Are Constantly Losing Their Keys, Phones & Wallets)

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These dresses with pockets are perfect for absent-minded people.

Women have tons of things to carry with them. On top of your standard keys, wallet and phone, we also need to lug around tampons or pads, makeup, tissue paper, and more. So why is it that so little women's clothing come with pockets? It just doesn't make sense!

If we were to live in an ideal world, all dresses and skirts would come with pockets - and the pockets on our jeans wouldn't be so damn shallow and useless, either. But in the mean time, we've done the dirty work and rounded up a list of dresses which all contain pockets for you. Read on to find out more!

Items with -5% will earn you 5% cashback | Learn More

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