collate the label pre fall 2016 collection

Collate The Label Pre-Fall 2016 Campaign: Then & Now

Collate The Label previews its latest Pre-Fall 2016 campaign, a collection that is not quite far off from one year ago. Their Pre-Fall 2015 campaign was the label's debut collection, and had showed 22 looks at the Singapore Fashion Week (SFW). Collate has come one full cycle of seasons, and will soon launch the Fall 2016 collection. One year later.. What can we expect in their new designs?


Pleats are back

Collate the label pre fall 2016 collection

That soft, curvilinear lines are mostly out of sight. Instead, straight- and v-cuts are in its place

Collate the label 2015 2016 comparison
Left: Pre-Fall 2015; Right: Pre-Fall 2016


Exquisite tailoring is evident, same as 2015

Collate the Label pre-fall 2016 collection preview

These are merely our observations based on the small preview, but who knows the larger collection may be full of surprises—as did the rest of the Pre-Fall 2015 collection that were shown at SFW. Unexpected structure and mesh designs could not be predicted, based solely on the campaign. Guess what we're trying to say here is: you'll just have to wait and see. 


All photos via Collate The Label