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Best Blogshops in Singapore That Are Now Bona-Fide Fashion Labels

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

These are the best blogshops turned labels in Singapore - go ahead and knock yourself out!

If you've been online shopping for some time, you'll probably have witnessed the rise and fall of the Livejournal era, where there were countless Livejournal blogshops peddling a wide variety of affordable clothing. If you were REALLY into online shopping, you might have even camped out for a launch or two, refreshing your screen again and again just so you could be one of the first few to leave your comment with your order, before your desired item got sold out.

Times have changed - and many of these Livejournal blogshops have since evolved into something bigger, and better. These days, there's a new benchmark - and this means professional photography, lookbooks, and a well-designed storefront. We think it's only fair, then, that these blogshops are regarded as bona-fide fashion labels. After all, their customer service, operations and processes and designs can easily rival any brick and mortar store that you see on Orchard Road.

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