6 Styles Today That Are Legit #Throwbacks From Your Mom's Era

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As they say, fashion is cyclical.

There are, undeniably, iconic styles which are specific to each generation - such as the flapper look that dominated the 20s, and the mod look which is highly representative of the 60s. But beyond that, you'll notice that certain items of styles of clothing experience a comeback of sorts every decade or so.

In fact, the culottes, slip dresses, and off-shoulder tops which are popular today are the very same items of clothing that women wore in the past - but updated and revamped, of course! In this article, we show you 6 looks from your mom's era, juxtaposed against 6 items of clothing from local label Purpur - and hey, you've got to appreciate a brand which can put their own spin and twist on old classics to produce a completely new interpretation.

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