6 Creative Comebacks For When People Shame You For Always Wearing Black

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For anyone who has ever been shamed for wearing black.

If you're reading this article, it's highly likely that we have the same opinion about the colour black. That is - black is awesome, and that we want to spend our whole lives wearing nothing but this colour. Black is easy to wear, and low-maintenance. It's versatile, and depending on how you wear it, it can either make you look elegant beyond measure, or it can make you look capable of kicking someone's ass. Black is, in a nutshell, everything.

So the next time your friends, family or colleagues give you grief about wearing black, don't falter and/or go on the defensive. Stick your ground and assert your love for black with these creative comebacks:

#1: When you wear black, you can accessorize all you like without looking like a Christmas tree.

#2: Wearing black makes getting dressed a piece of cake, because everything in your wardrobe matches.

#3: At least I'm not head to toe in millennial pink. Unless you think that's a better alternative?

#4: It's not that all my clothes are black. It's that I'm wearing the same item over and over again... I'm in debt, and I can't afford to buy new clothes. (Say this with a straight face, and watch as your friend panic and try to defuse the situation).

#5: When you look back on your pictures 5 years from now, you'll be cursing at yourself for wearing all these items that were trendy for about 2 seconds. Black, however, is timeless!

And our personal favourite: #6: I'll stop wearing black eventually... when they make a darker colour.

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