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5 Workwear Looks Even The Fussiest HR Manager Will Approve Of

Always getting the evil eye from your HR manager?

If you're working in a firm where the HR manager is a little too enthusiastic about upholding the company dresscode, life can be stressful. There's no sense in ignoring him or her completely, because you'll want to be on your best behaviour, especially if your HR manager is particularly close to your boss. At the same time, it's immensely difficult to bring yourself to purchase item after item of sensible, "work-appropriate" clothes - when a little part of you dies on the inside everytime you wear said clothes.

Here's the good news: work-appropriate clothes DON'T have to be boring, dowdy, or uninspiring. We've rounded up a list of 5 workwear looks that even the fussiest HR manager will approve of - read on to find out more!

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