5 Resort Fashion Pieces For Repressed Office Ladies Who Live For The Weekends

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Resort fashion is, without a doubt, the hottest trend right now.

Right around this time of year, we're always bombarded with "summer" clothing collections which involve sundresses, florals, and bright colours. But this year, things are going down differently. We're seeing an influx of resort-style clothes and resort fashion - including plenty of tropical prints, loosely fitted dresses and pants, and lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Here's what we think - for all the repressed office ladies who spend the majority of their week slaving away in an inhumanely cold office, resort fashion represents freedom and hope. How often have you counted down to the weekend, when you can finally trade in your sombre black office dress for a summery cotton maxi that is made for gallivanting in the sun?

Want to update your wardrobe with more resort fashion pieces? Check out our top picks below!

Reminder: Items with -5% will earn you 5% cashback | Learn More

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