Hottest things women wear

5 Hottest Things Women Wear (As Told By Singaporean Men)

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

These are the hottest things that women wear - straight from the horse's mouth.

Women, ever wondered what article of clothing drives men crazy? We're all for dressing for yourself and wearing whatever makes you the most confident (check out our recent article on fashion trends that guys hate, but that we won't stop rocking), but at the same time, it doesn't hurt to get a little insight on what floats your significant other's boat.

We spoke with 5 different Singaporean guys who gave us the low down on the hottest things that women wear. If your man's been extra sweet and attentive to you lately, and you want to take him out on a nice date and get all dressed up - you know what to wear!

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