Fashion trends that guys hate

5 Fashion Trends That Guys Hate (But Girls Won't Stop Rocking)

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These might be fashion trends that guys hate - but we'll be damned if we let their opinions keep us from rocking these looks.

Ever heard an incredulous "what are you wearing?!" from your boyfriend, brother, or best friend? Women love being experimental and having fun with fashion - and sometimes, this translates into looks that the men in our lives just don't understand.

Yes, we know that everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But at the end of the day, we're still going to wear whatever makes us feel the happiest and the most confident - regardless of whether our boyfriends like the look, or not. To all the disapproving boyfriends in the world - we love you, but we're still going to continue rocking these 5 fashion trends that you hate!

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