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3 Reasons Why Singaporean Women Are Embracing The Dramatic Sleeves Trend

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Dramatic sleeves, all day err day.

Referred to unceremoniously by our boyfriends, husbands, and male friends as "those god-awful batman sleeves", the dramatic sleeves trend is fast gaining traction in Singapore. Haven't tried this look out just yet? Here's what we love about it:

#1: It's versatile.

Not quite ready to try out full-blown balloon sleeves? Opt for a straight sleeve with a little flare at the bottom. Because there's an entire spectrum of volume when it comes to dramatic sleeves, you'll be able to wear this trend on any occasion.

#2: It's fun.

These dramatic sleeves almost remind us of costumes used in theatre - but in the best possible way, of course! If you're working in a conservative environment and can't get too crazy, wearing dramatic sleeves is a great way to incorporate a bit of unexpectedness into your outfit.

#3: It's practical.

For those of you who work in freezing cold office environments (which is, basically, everyone), this trend will help you look on point yet stay cozy at the same time. What more can you ask for?

Want to learn more about this trend? Check out our round-up of several dramatic sleeve styles, from the subtle and understated to the full-blown and in-your-face.

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