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This Founder Worked 15-Hour Days For An Entire Year Before Quitting To Take Her Fashion Label Full-Time

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Ever heard of the inspiration quote that goes, choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life? It’s a nice thought, but it’s also far from the truth.

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that it takes tons of sweat and hard work to build up a brand from scratch. For E, the founder of Treslovechic, we're talking about grueling 15 hour workdays, which she endured for an entire year.

“When I first started Treslovechic in 2012, I was just a student who stumbled upon the blogshop industry,” shares E. As the years passed, Treslovechic went through the same evolution that many of their competitors did – they improved the quality of their clothing, levelled up their photography, and of course, upgraded to a dot-com. Today, Treslovechic is a far cry from the blogshop that it once was – it’s now a fully-fledged fashion label.

Throughout the years, E’s commitment to her brand has never wavered.

“When I graduated, there was definitely that pressure to get a “proper” job, and so I joined a luxury watch company as a marketing executive. I had to juggle that full-time position with managing my brand – and after working from 9am to 6pm in the office, I’d go home and reply emails and process orders until 3am. I’d sleep for 4 hours, then wake up at 7am, and do it all over again.”

Talk about intense. Think back to the days when you were schooling, and cramming for your papers (on very little sleep!) in the week leading up to your exams. That’s basically what E had to go through – except that instead of doing this for a week or a month, she did this for an entire year.

“A lot of online store owners quit to do their full-time jobs, and I could’ve done the same. It’s tempting because you’re working with a specific job scope instead of having to handle everything, and there’s a stable paycheck waiting for you every month,” E says. However, because she felt so strongly about her brand, she just couldn’t give it up – and she eventually quit her full-time job to concentrate on TresLoveChic.

With her full attention now on TresLoveChic, E had more time to start launching more regularly, and to come up with more self-manufactured designs for her customers. Whilst TresLoveChic used to stock plenty of bodycon and less formal pieces previously, their design aesthetic has evolved into something that’s more refined. Think a mix of elegant, tailored officewear and dressy, feminine pieces which are great to wear to weddings, parties, or other special occasions.

In the five years that TresLoveChic has been around, they’ve certainly come a long way. Next on E’s list of to-dos is to move towards having 100% self-manufactured items, and to perhaps venture into retail. You might just be able to pop into a TresLoveChic store in town a few years down the road, but for now, stay tuned to their launches on their website every fortnight!

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