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11 Things Women Over 30 Can & Should Wear

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Once you’ve passed your 30th birthday, you need to start dressing your age - NOT.

Unshackle yourself from the restrictions that the “fashion insiders” are placing upon you. Fashion is meant to be fun, liberating, and expressive – and life’s too short to care about whether your clothing choices are offending strangers on a day to day basis.

Regardless of whether you’re 30, 40, or 50, you can get away with wearing whatever you want (as long as it doesn’t cross the lines of indecency, of course). Case in point? 46 year old Carelia, a US-based fashion blogger who’s absolutely slaying it with her outfits that don’t conform to society’s norms. Check out the 11 items of clothing that women over 30 can and should wear, as modelled by Carelia!

All pictures from Carelia’s blog.

#1: Shorts

If you’ve been working hard to achieve those toned gams, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t flaunt them.

#2: Embroidered Patches

This fun trend isn’t going away anytime soon – and ain’t nobody stopping you from trying it out.

#3: Bold Colours

Life’s too short to be in black, white, or neutral colours all the time.

#4: Frayed Jeans

Don’t want to go full-on with ripped jeans? Try frayed jeans which are a tad more conservative, but super chic all the same.

#5: Camo Prints

All it takes is sufficient confidence to rock this unorthodox look.

#6: Statement Jackets

You know what they say – go big or go home.

#7: Overalls

Regardless of your age, overalls will never go out of style.

#8: Sneakers

Whoever said that women over the age of 30 should only wear flats and heels clearly didn’t know what they were talking about.

#9: T-Shirts

It’s all in the pairing – T-shirts don’t necessarily translate into a sloppy choice.

#10: Fishnets

Time to take a walk on the wild side.

#11: Sheer

Wake up, guys. It’s 2017, and women of any age should be able to wear what they want.

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