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6 Things That Most People Don't Do To Become Smarter

Most of us take pride in dressing up and presenting ourselves well everyday. But, what can we do on a daily basis to build up the brains to match beauty/brawns?

I was having lunch with a friend who recently sold his e-Commerce startup to a conglomerate in the Philippines. While he holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at that company, he is simultaneously the director of a web development firm and an adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Sytems Science, National University of Singapore.

He accomplished all these before reaching age 33.

While in a friendly debate on productivity, he shared a very interesting definition of intelligence with me.

Intelligence is the ability to comprehend, understand, and profit from experience.

Personally, I believed that intelligence referred to one's capacity for learning and adapting to the environment. I then learned that "to profit from experience" refers to abstracting benefits from the circumstances of any situation you're in. It doesn't necessarily have to be monetary gain; it could be the acquisition of valuable information, knowledge, or skill.

Naturally, I asked for his insights on raising one's intelligence level and I've gather 6 things that anyone can start doing right now.

1. Increase the diversity of your mental input


2. Increase the diversity of your erspectives on things


3. Increase the diversity of your output


4. Improve your physical support systems


5. Remove/Reduce factors in your environment that limit mental prowth


6. Increase factors in your environment that support items 1 to 4


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