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This Is The One Store That Restored Our Faith In Online Shopping

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Online shopping is typically a bit of a hit or miss – but not with this homegrown brand.

You know how it is. You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed on your phone, then you chance upon an online shop, and you realise that cute dress you’re checking out is SUPER cheap. Cue the jaw drop.

You IMMEDIATELY buy it, and when it finally reaches you, you eagerly rip off the packaging… only to realise that it smells like chemicals, the material is see-through and cheap, and there are about a gazillion stray threads which are now littering your floor.

If you, like us, love online shopping but hate being disappointed with poorly constructed clothes, we’ve got a recommendation for you. This is the one store which restored our faith in online shopping – because the quality of their clothing is insanely good as compared to what you get from those dime-a-dozen blogshops.

Introducing… Salient Label!

Here’s what sets Salient Label apart from all the other online shops out there: ALL their items are self-manufactured, and apart from selling online, they’re also stocked at various retailers in Singapore (Mandarin Gallery and 100AM), and Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia as well. (In other words: they’re really legit).

On top of that, Salient Label’s commitment to quality really shines through in the fabrics which they manufacture their clothes in. Whilst other online stores stock mainly polyester items, Salient Label typically uses other materials such as cotton, rayon, and even wrinkle-free tri-acetate and sustainable bamboo fibre.

For those of you who are intrigued by the bamboo fibre items, here’s all you need to know: this fabric is exceptionally smooth, and cooling to touch. Because of the way it’s constructed, you’ll find yourself perspiring much less in this fabric – so you can remain cool and unbothered even if you’re practically sprinting to the train station after waking up late for work!

Whilst bamboo fibre costs two times more than standard fabrics, and push up the production prices, the folks behind Salient Label would still opt for this over, say, polyester, which doesn’t have the same properties. After deciding on the material category for each item, the next step is to narrow it down to a specific fabric – and because Salient Label is so particular about their fabrics, they get their supplier to ship over 20 kilograms worth of fabric. This translates into over 200 swatches of fabric that they need to go through, and they eventually only choose ten or so swatches.

Whilst Salient Label has plans to start serving the American market in the long run, the focus is still on nailing each collection and each design, before they set their sights on something higher. We can’t say the same about the majority of the fashion brands from Singapore, but it really does seem that Salient Label is design-centric, rather than business-centric.

Salient Label offers free shipping for all orders within Singapore, as well as 7-day returns. Read on to check out our featured items from Salient Label’s latest collection:

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#1: This draped back top

online shopping
S H O P :
We love the understated elegance of this French silk and cotton blend draped back top. If you want to show some festive spirit during CNY, but you’re wincing at the thought of wearing something that’s fire-engine red, this top will help you reach a happy compromise.

#2: This asymmetric slip cami

online shopping
S H O P :
This asymmetric slip cami is as versatile as they come. Wear it with open-toed sandals to run errands or meet your friends for a casual brunch, or pair it with heels and a leather jacket when you’re heading to your favourite bar for your monthly girl’s night out.

#3: This side flare top

online shopping
S H O P :
Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with this scarlet side flare top which features a high necklines and exaggerated flare panels on the side. If it allows us to eat a huge meal without our tummy showing, we’re all in!

#4: This jacket with sash

online shopping
S H O P :
We love an unstructured jacket that can do double duty. Throw this on for dress down Fridays at the office, or wear it with a button-down and denim shorts for an effortless weekend look.

#5: This angled top

online shopping
S H O P :
Chase away those Monday Blues with this angled top which features a contrast panel. You know what they say: when you look good, you feel good!

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