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This Emerging Fashion Brand Is Proving All Online Shopping Sceptics Wrong

Many women automatically equate online shopping with low quality clothing… but Le Contour is proving all of them wrong.

The story behind emerging label Le Contour is an interesting one: a few years ago, founder Hwee Meng was burning the midnight oil at her office (an experience that the majority of us are, unfortunately, familiar with). She decided to take a break and online-shop for a bit, and as she scrolled through the different websites, she just couldn’t find anything to buy. Hwee had a brainwave – and the concept of Le Contour was born.

In a nutshell, Le Contour exists to simplify online shopping. The number one challenge that women face when buying clothes online is not knowing whether these items will fit them well – but Le Contour cleverly tackles this problem by pre-selecting certain styles, and recommending them to women.

As a shopper, all you need to do is choose a category – “top balancing” for those who are larger on top, “bottom balancing” for those whose hips don’t lie, and “curves creation” for those whose waists aren’t the most defined. Then choose from the dresses within the category, with the peace of mind that they’ll flatter your body type!

Here’s what we love about Le Contour: first, they take the guesswork out of shopping, and make shopping easy and fuss-free. Second, they empower women to feel good about themselves. When you’re wearing a well-cut dress that accentuates your assets, you naturally stand a little straighter, walk a little taller, and exude more confidence.

When it comes to quality, Le Contour delivers, every single time. Their fabric is specially sourced from Europe and Korea, and we hear that their team is well-connected with other reputable manufacturers in China. Why does this matter? Because they’re rubbing shoulders with these big boys, they’re naturally clued into where to get the best and most high-quality fabrics.

For instance: Le Contour’s manufacturer even managed to get in touch with the company that supplies material for high-end Italian brand Missoni. Here’s what this means: certain bodycon dresses that you see on Le Contour’s website are made with the exact same fabric that Missoni uses on their dresses. How’s that for quality?

With such great care being taken in the design process, it’s no wonder that Le Contour has an amazing track record – we’re talking ZERO returns due to quality issues, in the two years that they’ve been around.

While Le Contour is still (relatively!) new to the market, they’ve quickly amassed a trove of positive feedback from their customers and the influencers they’ve worked with. Hwee shares she was particular heartened to hear how much Juli (@bunbunmakeuptips) loved their items – given how Juli is known to be a straight-shooter who doesn’t sugarcoat her words, this means a lot!

Moving forward, Hwee is still focused on improving the online shopping experience for her customers. Amongst other things, she’s planning to introduce a body calculator on Le Contour – this nifty tool will allow shoppers to key in their body measurement to find out which category of apparel suits them best.

Here are Getfash’s top picks from Le Contour’s latest collection:

#1: Le Contour's "top balancing" dresses

online shopping
S H O P :
Women who have broad shoulders and a larger bust, opt for V-necks which will flatter and streamline your torso. To avoid looking bulky, steer clear from ruffled tops like the plague!

#2: Le Contour's "bottom balancing" dresses

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S H O P :
If you’ve got a pear-shaped body, and your hips are on the larger side, A-line skirts are your best friend. Go for a classic fit and flare cut!

#3: Le Contour's "Curves Creation" dresses

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S H O P :
If you’re trying to emphasize (or fake!) an hourglass figure, go for waist-cinching dresses. Wrap dresses are particularly flattering!

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