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These Striking "Modest Fashion" Pieces Prove You Can Look Good Without Showing Skin

Here’s how you do modest fashion right.

While many people equate dressing up to showing some skin, this is a complete MYTH. Here’s the thing: you can dress modestly, and still look amazing.

Case in point? US-based influencer @dresscorilynn doesn’t do revealing clothing, but she always looks stylish and put together…

Then there’s blogger @rachelleyadegar, who’s the very definition of “street chic”…

A little closer to home, there’s also influencer and co-founder of Fashion Valet, @vivyyusof

At this point, it’s pretty clear – the amount of skin you show is irrelevant, and you can cover up, and still look good. If you’re inspired, and can’t wait to start experimenting with modest fashion, here are some additional tips:

#1: Pay attention to silhouettes

If you’re of an average to large build, then go ahead and play around with loose, flowy items. But if you’re on the petite side, make sure you go for waist-cinching tops and dresses so that you don’t get lost in all that fabric. Alternatively, tuck your flowy tops into high-waisted jeans or pants to achieve the same effect.

#2: Layer to re-purpose old pieces

You don’t need to throw out your old clothes – just repurpose them! If you’ve got a floral dress with a low neckline, for example, simply layer a sleeved blouse underneath. Tadah – you’ve got a new (and modest) outfit!

#3: Choose fabrics wisely

We live in Singapore, so it’s important to be practical. You don’t want to be dying of heat in your outfit, so stick with cooling, breathable fabrics such as cotton, chambray and chiffon, and steer clear of thick fabrics such as knits and wools.

#4: Test the waters with a slit

If you're not ready to commit to modest fashion just yet, take baby steps by looking for midi skirts with slits. You'd be surprised - these cover up a lot more skin than mini skirts, but the inclusion of a strategically-placed slit can make them look just as sexy!

If you’re shopping for modest fashion, make your very first pit-stop This platform houses over 200 fashion labels, and it’s a treasure trove of brands waiting for you to explore. Here are some of our best finds from FashionValet:

Featured Item
AERE Camilla Tiered Sleeves Top, SGD 65.06

This tiered sleeves top from contemporary ready-to-wear label Aere.

Featured Item
THAVIA Mari Eyelet Skirt, SGD 100.57

This midi eyelet skirt from Thavia.

Featured Item
SCHMILEY MO Bey Embroidered Collar Shirt, SGD 41.99

And this embroidered collared shirt, again from Schmiley Mo.

Although FashionValet is based in Malaysia, they offer free shipping to Singapore with NO minimum spend. Read on to shop Getfash’s favourite modest fashion looks from Schmiley Mo!

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