entrepreneurial couple hustle

This Entrepreneurial Couple’s #Hustle Led To Mont Blanc & Dior Knocking On Their Door

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This entrepreneurial couple has led to them working with the likes of Mont Blanc, Dior, and more.

Meet Christina and Jeremiah of J.Artisans. They initially started making – and selling – handcrafted leather goods as a hobby, and got their first big break back when Mont Blanc engaged them to do on-site embossing work for one of their events. More reputable brands started knocking on J.Artisans door, including Dior, Chanel, Chopard, Bottega, and Starbucks – and it was in 2015 when Christina and Jeremiah decided to take their business official, and go into leather crafting full-time.

Today, J.Artisans is a go-to brand for Singaporeans looking for high quality leather products. Other than wallet and card holders, passport covers, keychains, and luggage tags, they also carry a range of watch straps, canvas bags, and leather catchalls. Whilst both Christina and Jeremiah are putting 50-60 hour work weeks into their business, the hustle is worth it to them, and they’re determined to keep the momentum going.

Their most recent addition to their products? These gorgeous leather book covers which come with a pen holder, and a lined book insert (pictured below!). Similar to their other leather goods, you can get these book covers debossed with your initials for free.

If you're new to purchasing leather goods, here's what you need to know: the devil is in the details. You’re looking for something that is beautifully stitched and finished, and well-polished as well. It’s always worth it investing in a quality leather product which will stand the test of time, as opposed to simply purchasing PU items which just don't have the same look and feel.

In particular, all products from J.Artisans are made with vegetable-tanned cowhide specially sourced from a heritage Italian tannery. This cowhide ages well over time; after frequent usage, your leather product will get slightly darker and more tanned, and it will also become slightly softer and less rigid.

With all of J.Artisans’s leather goods being handcrafted with love, and made using high quality Italian leather, it’s no wonder that their fans can’t get enough. In fact, some of their most loyal customers have been buying from them religiously every year, and gifting their friends and families with these items during Christmas or other special occasions.

J.Artisans only have one retail store for now – not because they don't have the resources to expand, but because Christina and Jeremiah have made a conscious decision to reign their efforts for the time being. Whilst the duo has encountered more than a few requests to franchise their business, their attention is on building up a strong team of leather craftsmen who can meet their expectations when it comes to workmanship, before they think about expanding. How can you not respect that?

Want to convey your love and appreciation for a special someone this Christmas? Shop J.Artisans’s handcrafted leather products (all of which come with free initials debossing) below!

#1: J.Artisans' Card Holders

entrepreneurial couple hustle
S H O P :
Sleek, slim and highly functional, these 3-pocket cardholders are made with Italian genuine fine leather, French corded waxed linen thread and Fil Au Chinois Lin cable. Fits up to 5-6 cards per slot, and comes with free initial debossing (max. 5 characters).

#2: J.Artisans' Passport Holders

entrepreneurial couple hustle
S H O P :
Like the card holders, these passport holders are made with Italian genuine fine leather, French corded waxed linen thread and Fil Au Chinois Lin cable. These will make an awesome present for your #wanderlust friends or colleagues who are always on the move!

#3 J.Artisan's Notebooks

entrepreneurial couple hustle
S H O P :
This leather notebook (newly launched by J.Artisan!) is a beauty to behold. Made with genuine Italian cowhide, the book is 100% handcrafted and handsewn, and comes with a complimentary insert. You can choose to emboss a quote on the front or back of the book; engraving of initials is also available on the holder!

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