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How This Bra Achieved Cult-Like Status (& Why Everyone's Fighting Over It)

People can’t stop raving about this strapless bra – here’s why.

At first glance, this strapless bra doesn’t look like it’s anything special. But this bestselling piece from I’M IN has been selling like hotcakes since it was launched.

Apart from that, I’M IN has also amassed over a hundred rave reviews about this bra on their website. Here’s what their customers have to say:

After the immense popularity of their first Strapless Bra, I’M IN went on to launch their Gen 2 Strapless Bra less than a month ago. Features-wise, here’s what you can expect from I’M IN's Gen 1 and Gen 2 Strapless Bras:

The Gen 1 Strapless Bra comes with tiny rubber hooks which run throughout the entire band of the bra; these help to adhere the bra to your skin and provide greater security. In addition to this, there’s also anti-slip silicone lining the side and bottom of the bra’s cups. The bra feels silky and soft to touch, it's wireless, and it's made of an extremely breathable blend of nylon and spandex (which is perfect for Singapore’s weather)!

The Gen 2 Strapless Bra features the same tiny rubber hooks as the Gen 1 Strapless Bra, and it's also wireless, but it comes in an updated square cup instead of round cup. This comes with removable straps (so you can wear it as a regular bra); on top of that, I’M IN even provides extra sets of longer straps so that you can convert your bra to a cross-back or halter top design.

Why can’t people get enough of I’M IN’s Strapless bras? It’s amazingly comfortable and lightweight (no painful wires digging into your skin!), and extremely secure as well. Whilst refining their strapless bras, the team at I’M IN put it to the test – they wore the bras and ran about, did jumping jacks, and all sorts of other strenuous activities. Regardless of how much you move about in I’M IN’s strapless bras, it simply won’t budge! Go ahead and wear these strapless bras under your off-shoulder tops, camisoles and tube tops. You’ll be able to move around with ease, without worrying about your strapless bra giving way.

For women who prefer buying their lingerie in retail stores rather than online, I’M IN has a fantastic return policy. (Not that many people use it – in fact, after purchasing their first strapless bra, people often return to buy four or five pieces of the exact same bra).

Do note that because I’M IN utilizes Asian (as opposed to Western!) sizing, customers are advised to size up so that the band of their bra isn’t too tight. If you’re typically a 32B, for example, you should get a 34B instead. I'M IN also provides complimentary bra band extenders with any purchase of their strapless bras.

#1: I'M IN's Gen 1 Strapless Bra

cult bra
S H O P :
Featuring round cups, tiny rubber hooks which run throughout the entire band, and anti-slip silicone lining, I’M IN’s Gen 1 Strapless Bra is a classic choice for everyday wear.

#2: I'M IN's Gen 2 Strapless Bra

cult bra
S H O P :
Featuring trendy square cups, tiny rubber hooks which run throughout the entire band, and detachable straps, I’M IN’s Gen 2 Strapless Bra is both versatile and functional.

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