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No Heat, No Chemicals: How to Get Natural, Luscious Locks

For the chameleons, hair is nothing but another canvas to showcase creativity and a form of self-expression. But even after exposing our hair to heat and chemicals, we still want soft, luscious locks that we can run our fingers through.

So back to the basics we go, on how exactly to get those luscious locks. The following methods might not work initially if your hair has been severely damaged by chemicals, but this is most definitely the first step to recovery.


Consume sufficient nutrients

Before you start buying hair products to apply, first start with repairing from within. If you dig deep into the roots of hair (no, not literally), you’ll find that hair is made of the protein, Keratin, the same as your fingernails and skin. Needless to say, you should ensure you’re consuming enough protein to promote strength in your hair. Our natural hair oil is produced to keep our scalp and hair hydrated, so consume plenty of omega fatty acids to maintain a healthy level of oil production.


Brush regularly

Your scalp produces it’s own oil, so with regular brushing, you’ll find you need not apply additional oil. Use a brush, and not a comb, because the brush is made with rounded bristles that help spread the oil from your scalp, down to the ends of your hair.


Trim regularly

Some people are more prone to developing split ends, creating a dry and frizzy appearance. A regular visit to the salon will do the trick in ensuring your hair look as healthy as possible.


Sleep on silk

sleep on silk, silk pillowcase
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Bet you never thought the fabric of your pillowcase might be a factor in achieving healthy, shiny hair. Scientifically speaking, silk is a fabric that does not absorb your hair’s moisture. And since the surface is smooth, it allows for minimal hair breakage. A silk pillowcase is said to help reduce wrinkles on your face too!


Deep condition

Once you find you are still lacking in the lustre you want, you may try deep-conditioning your hair just for that extra boost. Depending on your hair texture and moisture levels, do it from 1 to 4 times a month. Deep conditioners can be bought from the store, but we suggest using a homemade hair mask. Coconut oil, mayonnaise, honey, and eggs are popular ingredients in hair conditioning. After applying your mask, wrap your hair in a warm towel to stimulate the absorption of moisture.


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