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5 Things You Should Know About Chrome Nails

First it went on your rims, then your (teeth) grills, now it's on your nails. Here's what you should know about the latest chrome manicure trend. 


1. It's neither created by a foil sticker, nor does it come out of a polish.

It is in fact, a pigmented powder. Shop below.


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2. The process is the same as a gel manicure. 

Once the base is applied, followed by a top coat, a chrome pigment is dabbed on. 


3. The chrome pigment colour is more important than the base,

but a darker base will generally create a more vibrant colour.


4. Excess pigment has to be removed,

or your manicure will end up being more glittery, than chrome.


5. The result is a smooth, bump-free reflective surface,

even though the product applied was in powder form.


Here's a full tutorial:


Shop chrome pigments:

Here, here, and here


Featured photo via IG: @ohlalanails

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