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This Reversible Bag is the Ultimate Vday Gift for the Uber-Cool Boyfriend

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Looking for a Vday gift for your boyfriend? You've come to the right place.

We're going gaga over the Jekyll's Hyde series by Gnome & Bow, which is a series of reversible bags that will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

The bags come with a clever storyline that feeds off cult classic novel Jekyll & Hyde. According to the story, Doctor Jekyll seems every bit the respectable gentleman in the day, but drinks a serum to transform himself into the vice-laden Mr Hyde at night.

This series of bags plays on this very idea of having a bag cater to different sides of your personality. Use the Midnight Blue or Forest Green side for a more work-appropriate look in the day, then reverse it for the Khaki Maverick or Olive Maverick side that's perfect for your time outside the office.

The bags also feature a leather base inscribed with text that reveal Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's struggle for control. Will Dr Jekyll's good side (his real self) or his wild side (Mr Hyde) prevail?

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