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This Amazing Bag has 16 Unique Designs & 4 Ways to Carry!

Do you suffer from frequent shoulder or backaches due to carrying a heavy bag? Or maybe your shoulders aren’t level now because you’re so used to carrying a bag on one side? Here’s a solution for you: a 4-way bag from TATHATABRAND that you can carry on your arms or shoulders!

tathata bag 4 ways to carry

TATHATABRAND is an independent label from Thailand and was conceived out of its founders' love for classic styles and leather work. The Swift collection of bags are the most popular, which is why Grouphunt has decided to bring them to Singapore!

tathata bag grouphunt swift anatomy

The bags can be carried in 4 ways (as seen above), comes in 5 colour ways, Out to Nature designs, and Bag to Movie designs. Each bag is retailing from SGD$100 on Grouphunt (you save upwards of $78), and you can scroll down to see each design below.

That's not all--Grouphunt is also bringing in TATHATABRAND's new MIM bags. This bag design is as functional as the Swift, and can be carried in 3 ways. Girls may find their delicious pink and coral colours to be especially appealing.

tathata mim bag three ways

MIM is selling at SGD$95 each when you order via Grouphunt, allowing you to save 31% off the original retail price. While the MIM bag is slightly smaller in dimension and may only fit up to an 11" macbook, it is still pretty roomy and can store all your other daily essentials, such as a cosmetic bag, a handy umbrella, a notebook, and a full-sized wallet. For its exact dimensions, you can refer to the image below. 

tathata bags mim grouphuntDo note that Grouphunt has a separate page for these two different styles.

If you'd like to purchase the Swift bags, you can click here

If you'd like to purchase the MIM bags, you can click here.

Getfash Readers enjoy 5% cash rebate

On top of the awesome savings from Grouphunt, Getfash Readers will enjoy 5% cash rebate on the final discounted price!

Hurry though! Grouphunt's order collection ends this Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016, 08:00am!

Scroll down to see all the designs and pick your favourite!

Watch the Swift bag in action!

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