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Kickstart Your Personal Recycling Habits with this Versatile Bag

By introducing a 5-pence (£0.05 = approx. SGD$0.09) tax, Britain was able to reduce its plastic bag usage by 6 billion. This was an astronomical success, given that this accounts for 85 per cent of the total usage. If a country as big as Britain can do it, why not Singapore? (Our land size is approximately 0.34% of Great Britain's.)

It all starts with education--such as the availability of bags like Notabag. It is reusable, water resistant, compact, and most importantly, versatile.
Notabag Grouphunt singapore

Did too much shopping? Just whip out the compact Notabag sitting in your pocket or handbag, to consolidate all your loose items into one bag. Accidentally over-indulged in your favourite sweet treats at the supermarket? Take the load off your hands literally, by converting the bag into a bagpack.

You can most definitely afford to go hands free, any time you wish.
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Photo via Daniela Prusina

Measuring 45 centimetres x 65 centimetres, the bag is able to fit your week's worth of groceries, and even essentials (wallet and keys), in a small pouch, which is actually the same pouch that allows the bag to fold in on itself. With eight different varieties up for picks, we can all start recycling in style!
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Admittedly, recycling bags can be a bit pricy, given its hardiness, and its capability to be reused many, many times. For a limited period, you can save by simply ordering your favourite bag with a group! Grouphunt is offering the product at just $29.50.

This group-buying deal ends next Tuesday, 9 August 2016, 11:59PM. So, hurry and stay stylish!

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