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Shit Singaporean Hair Salon Customers Say

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According to our friends over at Artica Salon, here are some of the most common things they hear from their customers.

#1: “Can you layer my hair, but don’t cut it shorter?”

Juno, founder and creative director of Artica Salon says that the “箭薄可是不要箭短” , which translates into “layer without cutting it too short” is the most highly requested hairstyle that he gets. This style is popular with women who want to thin out their hair (to cope with Singapore’s humid weather!), but at the same time, want to maintain the length of their hair.

But according to Juno, going overboard with this will result in an unflattering look – one he terms the “Mushroom Head”. Basically, you’ll have tons of volume at the crown of your head, but significantly less volume at your hair ends, making your head look disproportionately big. It’s also hard to maintain this hairstyle, because your layers will get messy as they grow out – so don’t opt for this look unless you’re prepared to return to the hairstylist for regular trims!

#2: “I want my hair colour to be very funky and bold. But my HR don’t allow. How ah?”

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We’re not surprised about this one – who hasn’t had the urge to dye their hair red, or bleach it a beautiful ashy colour? For these customers, Juno says he recommends ‘hidden colours’, which is essentially hair colouring that is hidden beneath the top layer of your hair.

When you wear your hair down, you won’t be able to see a thing – but when you wear it in a ponytail or in braids, your bold hair colour will be revealed!

#3: “Can you save my hair?”

These are the people who have basically destroyed their hair by using box dyes (those that you buy in a packet at Watsons or Guardian!) for years on end, and are now faced with extremely dry, damaged hair.

A word of caution: box dye contains black pigments (even if you’ve purchased a brown shade, or any other colour, for that matter). Using box dyes will leave traces of these pigments in your hair, and it’ll be more difficult for you to bleach your hair to achieve any lighter colours in the future.

#4: “Can faster?”

The answer is always a resounding NOPE – not unless you want a poorly done job.

According to Juno, Artica utilizes a different colouring technique from other salons. This takes more time (2 hours as compared to 1 hour) to complete, but the end result looks a lot better.

“At other salons, they apply colour from the roots first, and this makes the colour turn out uneven. At Artica, however, we start from the ends of your hair, and work our way upwards. This is a lot more time consuming, but you’ll get a more consistent and even colouring,” says Juno.

Although this might not be the most cost-effective technique to use, Juno says that the most important thing is achieving an ideal result for his customers.

Despite the fact that the hair styling industry is an immensely tough and challenging one to be in, Juno loves his line of work, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Before he opened his own salon, he worked at reputable names such as REDS and Jensen, won several hair competitions, and even educated and trained stylists in Perugia, Italy.

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