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These Lipsticks Are So Gorgeous, They Can Practically Double Up As Accessories

Here's our Cosmicqweens' review.

Look out, beauty addicts – there’s a new lipstick brand in town... Cosmicqweens! What do we love about this homegrown brand? Cosmicqweens’ lipsticks aren’t just regular lipsticks – they’re a way for you to express your creativity, and unleash your inner wild child.

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We love the bold, larger-than-life packaging on these lipsticks, as well as the immense amount of effort that went into formulating the product.

More specifically, Team Cosmicqweens spent an entire year in their research & development – and they personally bought and tested over 100 lipsticks before nailing down the base formula for their lipsticks.

The end result? A series of luscious, beautiful velvet liquid lipsticks that are water and smudge-proof, ultra pigmented, long lasting and super comfy on your lips!

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If you’re new to velvet lipsticks, these are a blend between traditional lipsticks and lipglosses. However, unlike the usual velvet lipsticks which are easily smudged, and disappear after a few hours, these Velverets are smudge-proof and long-lasting. With Velverets, you get the best of mattes and liquids... all in one lipstick!

Cosmicqweens’ Velverets lipsticks are made in Japan, and 100% safe to use. (They’re paraben-free, lead-free, mercury-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and even vegan-friendly!)

Their first Party Launch collection is a fun, vibrant series of velvet lipsticks including Harley (a deep wine red), Glam Qween (a warm orange-gold metallic), Rockabye Baby (a vibrant purple red), and Pudding (a cool yellow nude).

There’s also their Drug Lord collection, which was launched just in time for Halloween this year. This collection is centred around an eccentric, but super stylish Druglord, and the four velvet lipsticks (which come in a super fun cigarette pack) represent the Druglord’s posse of drugs. These are Milk Drunk (a muted pink), Mistress (a seductive plum mauve), Space Cake (a pinkish purple metallic) and Ecstasy (a dark purplish metallic).

For best results, always exfoliate your lips before wearing your Velverets. Because these lipsticks are ultra-pigmented and vibrant, you’ll get tons of colour payoff with just one glide. Expect a comfortable formula which keeps your lips supple and moisturised while staying put throughout the day.

Cosmicqweens produces all their Velverets lipsticks in small batches, and they've just restocked their Drug Lord collection (which was previously sold out). Make your purchase ASAP, whilst they're still available!

Shop Cosmicqweens' lipsticks via Getfash's links below!

#1: Cosmicqweens' Party Launch Collection

gorgeous lipsticks
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Cosmicqweens’ debut collection is bold, glam, and perfect for ladies who aren’t afraid to make a statement. These lipsticks will help you turn heads when you walk into the room!

#2: Cosmicqweens' Drug Lord Collection

gorgeous lipsticks
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Cosmicqweens’ 2nd collection, Drug Lord, is sold as a complete set. These come packaged in a super stylish cigarette box; stash the entire pack in your bag for easy touch-ups on the go!

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