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We Found The Best Kept Secret In Beauty (And It Only Costs $10).

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Attention, beauty junkies - you'll want to get your hands on the best kept secret in beauty asap!

When it comes to beauty products, here’s what we’ve always believed:

The higher quality the product, the pricier it’ll be.

Let’s talk about lipsticks, for example. If you’re getting a brand name lipstick (such as Laneige!), you can expect to pay at least $30 a pop.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those made-in-China lipsticks that you can purchase at Sasa. Whilst they are a lot cheaper, we wouldn’t feel quite as comfortable wearing these dubious brands (especially when you take into consideration that the average woman consumes 3.2 kg of lipstick in her entire lifetime.)

But guess what? We recently chanced upon this amazing brand of lipsticks which are high quality, yet super affordable at the same time.

We’re talking about ColorMeHappy!

If you’ve never heard of them before, it’ll probably be because they’re relatively new to the market (they officially launched a few months back in April 2017). That having been said, ColorMeHappy has already bagged themselves a CLEO’s Beauty Hall of Fame Awards 2017, and we think it won’t be too long before the brand becomes a cult favourite.

Also, good news for beauty addicts on a budget: ColorMeHappy’s lipsticks go for a very affordable $20 per piece!

ColorMeHappy has two ranges of lipsticks, the Boldlicous collection (rich, high intensity pigments in daring shades), as well as the Xprecision collections (these disperse light to help hide little lip cracks and rough spots).

Here's how ColorMeHappy's lipsticks look like when swatched…

The ColorMeHappy lipstick which won the prestigious CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame Awards is the Fuchsia Explosion shade, which is a gorgeous purplish-red colour with cool undertones (these help to make your teeth look less yellow!)

All of ColorMeHappy’s lipsticks are made in a skincare laboratory in Korea, under extremely stringent conditions. Apart from meeting the ASEAN cosmetic regulations, ColorMeHappy’s lipsticks also contain no animal ingredients and alcohol, and they’re cruelty-free (meaning no testing is done on animals).

That’s not all – ColorMeHappy’s lipsticks also contain zero lead. That’s a big deal, considering how big brands such as Maybelline, Loreal, Chanel and Dior still produce lipsticks with lead content! That's probably why ColorMeHappy is loved by many Makeup Artists and Beauty Experts - despite the fact that they are a new brand.

On top of its lip colours, ColorMeHappy also carries a range of lip contour pencils, lip repair oils, lip shimmers and lip brighteners. Scroll down to check them out!

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#1: ColorMeHappy's XPrecision range

best kept secret beauty
S H O P :
Using a special light-diffusion technology, ColorMeHappy’s XPrecision range disperses light to help hide little lip cracks and rough spots. These highly wearable shades are subtle enough for everyday use, and help you achieve a pretty, polished look!

#2: ColorMeHappy's Boldlicious range

best kept secret beauty
S H O P :
If you’re a firm believer of the statement "go big or go home", you’ll love ColorMeHappy’s high definition Boldlicious range. These lipsticks feature rich, high intensity pigments in daring shades, and will help you turn heads without even trying.

#3: ColorMeHappy's Lip Night Repair Oil

best kept secret beauty
S H O P :
Who doesn’t love soft, kissable lips? While you sleep, ColorMeHappy’s Lip Night Repair Oil works its magic. The moisture-retentive oils in its formula act to ease rough spots and cracks, and make your lips smoother!

#4: ColorMeHappy's Lip Brighteners

best kept secret beauty
S H O P :
This lightweight Lip Brightener is perfect for ladies who want just a hint of colour. With this product, you won’t get the stickiness or heaviness which is typical of other lipstick formulas!

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