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Peel Off Gelish, Edible Cosmetics & Other Beauty Finds We're Letting You In On

You'll want to incorporate these beauty finds into your beauty routine, asap.

Want to mix up your beauty and skincare regime? We recently chanced upon these super cool brands at the SOZOCO Beauty Bazaar - we're talking brands which produce innovative products from peel off gelish, to edible foundation, and more. With beauty finds this awesome, it'll be a crime not to share. Read on for more!

#1: Roxie Design Lab

Imagine a world where you can have Gelish nails, WITHOUT the hassle of going to the salon (and paying an extra $10-$15) for removal. This is now possible - thanks to the good folks over at Roxie Design Lab.

When we first tried the nail polish by Roxie Design Lab, we were amazed; it's truly a gamechanger. The secret sauce lies in the formula of the nail polish - so it technically isn't Gelish, but it has the same quick-dry properties (30 seconds under the UV lamp is all it takes!), AND it can be removed with zero fuss.

What's more - the nail polishes from Roxie Design Lab are 7-free, which means that they're free of the 7 toxic chemicals that are commonly found in nail polishes. (As a comparison, OPI nail polish is only 3-free.) This makes Roxie Design Lab's nail polishes safe for usage for all - even pregnant women.

#2: Nail Deck

Next up is another homegrown nail brand, Nail Deck. Their Lacquer Kit is a godsend for women who have been searching high and low for that EXACT shade of nail polish, but somehow can't seem to find it.

With Nail Deck's lacquer kit, you can customize your very own bespoke nail polish. That's right, no one else in the world will have the same shade as you. These are great for parties, sleepovers, and even Hen's Nights (mark our words: matchy nail polish colours for bridesmaids will be the new IT thing at weddings).

#3: FrankSkincare

FrankSkincare is on a mission to provide Singaporeans with skincare products custom-made for our climate. In essence, we're looking at items which are lightweight enough to not clog our pores in the insane summer heat; at the same time, these need to be moisturizing enough to product us against the dry air-conditioned environments in our offices.

All of FrankSkincare's products are certified organic and produced in small batches. Their bestsellers are their face oils, which are made completely from plant components, and can be used in conjunction with their face mists and other products.

#4: Rough Beauty

"Natural", "organic" and "sustainable" might be nothing more than buzzwords for some brands, but founder of local label Rough Beauty has been striving to live her life on these terms for as long as she can remember. She's even done the "No Poo" challenge - in which participants stop using commercial shampoos which are chock-full of artificial ingredients, and instead, use apple cider vinegar to rinse out their hair.

At Rough Beauty, the lovingly handcrafted bar soaps take centre stage. In particular, we hear that customers can't get enough of the No 5, which incorporates a classic combination of French green clay and lavender essential oils. This can be used as a facial cleanser, or body soap.

#5: Reflections Organics

The average woman is exposed to over 100 chemicals in her skincare and makeup even before she leaves her bathroom in the morning - and Reflection Organic's aim is to change that.

Made of up to 90% USDA certified organic ingredients, Reflection Organic's products contain no parabens, no synthentic dyes or fragrances, and no nano-particles. They're also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free; and they're safe enough for consumption!

What we love from Reflection Organics is their foundation, which provides good coverage and smells insanely yummy (think an intoxicating mix of vanilla and Baileys liqueur). Also worthy of mention is their eyeliner, which rubs off cleanly without any smudges or streaks.

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