We help fashion & lifestyle brands connect with digital audiences by creating and publishing bespoke content that people will enjoy and act upon

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We have a cost-effective way to connect your brand with 150k+ people.
Getfash is a one-stop shop that provides content marketing to fashion/lifestyle businesses:

1. Create

We create bespoke content featuring your brand and products, tailored specifically to your marketing goals

2. Distribute

We distribute branded content through our social and media channels to the right audiences for your business

3. Track ROI

We track Return on Investment by measuring reach, content engagement, scroll depth, leads, sales, and more

Our Impact


We can help you reach exactly who you want, and then some.

Active Viewership

We get your audience leaned into your branded content and act upon it.


We create REAL intent - driving real results for your fashion/lifestyle business.

Elfaine - Founder, IMINXX

"Getfash’s service is impeccable. Have coffee with them and listen to their ideas."

Junwei - Lara 'J, CEO

"Getfash has been running profitable campaigns consistently for Lara 'J. That’s the reason I’m glad to work with them on a regular basis."

Lucinda - Ohvola, Founder

"I feel comfortable working with Getfash because they're always willing to share insights. The team goes the extra mile and really cares about our business."

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What are your fees?
Our bespoke content fees start at S$850.00 plus a performance variable to align our interests with our clients' success.

Contact us at to get a tailor quotation for your brand.
How does advertising with Getfash work?
We create branded content, featuring your products, that people can resonate with:

Step 1: You will be interviewed by a member of our editorial team to extract key ingredients required for content conceptualization.
Step 2: Upon your approval of the draft, the content will be published and distributed across our social & media channels.
Step 3: Consumers of the content will be directed straight to your website to shop or perform your desired call-to-action.
Step 4: Our team measures and tracks consumer behaviour on both the content and at your website.

For 1st-time advertisers, we recommend trying our basic sponsored story package.

Drop us an e-mail at to get started.
Who reads Getfash?
Style-Conscious Singaporean Women looking for localised & practical fashion/lifestyle inspiration. Our content provides women with ideas to solve daily fashion & lifestyle related problems.

  • 85% of traffic from Singapore
  • 60% between 25-34 years old
  • 90% women
You can request for our full media kit by sending an e-mail to