Only 26% of consumers are loyal to brands that partner with social influencers, bloggers, and vloggers.

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We now live in a world of storytelling.

The way people buy has evolved. They have new expectations and care more about relevance, not reputation.

Traditional means, like heavy discounts and influencer marketing, are losing their effectiveness.
That’s why business leaders are creating new experiences for their target audiences through Storytelling.

They understand that people make time to listen to great stories.

Getfash is an online shoppable magazine

It's where readers discover lifestyle inspiration and can seamlessly shop for products & services featured in our compelling content.

For lifestyle businesses, we provide a content-commerce marketing service. Through storytelling, we help build brand equity and generate revenue at the same time – the first of its kind in SEA.
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How it works

We work with our client to develop a compelling and audience-relevant story about their brand and products ...

... e-Commerce capabilities are integrated into the advertorial and published on Getfash.com.

The client’s story then reaches at least 50,000 targeted consumers – driving growth in your company's brand value and sales generation.

Why Choose Us?

A story is well told when it is highly engaged on social media – reactions, shares, and, most importantly, click through rates are key metrics to look at.

Here’s an example of branded content we did for online fashion brand, Ohvola.com:

This advertorial had a high click through rate of 4.5% ( 1,590 / 35,285 ). Most brands don’t go beyond 1% with their Facebook ads.

People were also spending quality time to read Ohvola’s story:

This is one of several articles we published for online lingerie brand, IMINXX.com:

IMINXX.com was so pleased with the 7.5x return on investment we generated that we published this human-interest piece for them:

Exposure is great but conversions are better. That’s why our content platform links readers to our clients’ online stores to make purchases. Just like this:

We also create branded short links for our Facebook posts that direct consumers to the online store:

All transactions generated by our content and social media posts are track-able by your Facebook Pixel* and a Getfash Plugin for your website.

*Don’t have a Facebook Pixel installed on your e-Commerce site? We help our clients set it up and even provide a crash course on how it works and how to use it for Facebook marketing – FOR FREE. You won’t get this added value anywhere else.

Operate a service-based business and don’t have an e-Commerce Site? Fret not!

Getfash has its own e-store that helps client sell and collect payment online. Just like this one:

A Nail Salon Advertorial

Most publications and influencer agencies charge northwards of $4,000 to $8,000 for campaigns that do not guarantee reach and engagement.

They also provide little to no means for their clients to track the returns on marketing investment.

At Getfash, we do not charge such hefty upfront fees with our performance-based pricing. In this way, we can help lifestyle businesses grow affordably.

That is also why not all brands who apply for our program is approved. We are selective of our partners to provide our readers the best content and recommendations.

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Getfash x TheSmartLocal

TheSmartLocal is Singapore’s leading lifestyle portal that reaches over 3 million Singaporeans each month.

As Getfash’s shoppable content concept is unique and provides value to both brands and consumers, we were able to partner with TheSmartLocal to strengthen our content creation and distribution framework.