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The Coolest Way to Charge Your Phone: 18k Gold-Plated Magnetic Cable

"It’s way cooler (and more practical) than wireless charging."

Our smartphones are almost like fashion accessories to us now. We 'dress’ them up in cases not just for protection’s sake but also to complement our style and show a tad of personality.

Here’s how to stylise the way you charge your phone. This little smartphone add-on has a charging cable that 'snaps' onto your phone instantly - like magic!

Well, it's not really magic; just an 18K Gold-Plated Magnetic USB tip that you can simply leave in your phone's charging port and a magnetic cable that instantly connects to it.

Sleek, eh? This product is called the ASAP Connect and there are loads of substance to its form.

No more fear of cables being yanked at.

Love using your smartphone at night? ASAP Connect makes it easier to "find the hole".

No more flipping of cables to get the correct side in.
Especially for Android users

And, yes, it comes for both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.

The ASAP Connect tip is only 10mm wide and fits most phone cases. The only exception is for some cases which have a protective flap on the charging port.


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The ASAP Connect is currently a crowdfunding project and would cost S$39.20 (Including shipping) if you were to pledge for it individually.

Thanks to our friends at Grouphunt, we can buy as a group to unlock savings together - for every group of 10 orders, everyone gets their cables at only S$29.50 (25% OFF)!

This group-buying deal closes on Tuesday, 16 August 2016, 11:59PM.

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Order at
S$29.50 S$39.20
Ends 16 August 2016, 11:59pm