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Get Your Cash & Cards Faster Than You Can Say FRENCHIE

"A fast, secure, private, & stylish way to store cash & cards."

Do you think that people who use money clip wallets are a bunch of show-offs? Well, many use them because it's easier to grab and put in cash compared to regular wallets. You don't have to push aside an additional layer of leather/material to count, pull out, and put in money. And, they're also much slimmer!

The downside? These aren't very secure. Your notes might slip out if you are carrying too much cash or when the clipper gets loose. Paying by cash also means exposing how much money you're carrying, making you vulnerable to theft or robbery. (Low crime doesn't mean no crime, okay?)

And, don't you hate it when your credit card, ID, or driver's license get stuck in its card slots?

We hate it too. That's why we think the Frenchie Wallet is a fast, secure, private and, most importantly, stylish way to store cash and cards!

Made from calfskin, a material mainly used by luxury brands, the Frenchie Wallet gives you easy access for up to 4 cards. Retrieving your cash is also made fast and private. Here's how it works:

See! It's really fast and easy.
Did we mention that it looks awesome too?

Want to use it as a cardholder without putting cash in it? The Frenchie Wallet also comes in a Frenchie Cardholder variant, which has the same easy card access function!


Save S$19.60 + FREE U.S. SHIPPING

The Frenchie Wallets and Cardholders are retailing for S$98.60 and S$78.60 respectively on The Frenchie Co's US website. But, through Grouphunt, you can get the Frenchie Wallet at only S$79.00 and/or the Frenchie Cardholer at only $59.00 and also get FREE SHIPPING from USA!

This group-buying deal ends this Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 11:59PM. So, hurry and stay stylish!

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