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Lifestyle Discovery for the Young & Restless

Getfash is Asia's first shoppable magazine featuring the latest fashion and experiences for the young and restless.

In our articles, we talk about the latest and most intriguing lifestyle activities that you should try with your friends, as well as affordable fashion that will help you look amazing on a budget.
Many fashion items and experiences that are featured on our site are shoppable – simply click on the links to shop these products - with either cashback or promotional freebies being offered for Getfash readers!

What Can I Do On Getfash?

1. Be inspired to try new styles

Getfash's style stories are collections of outfit ideas in the form of super useful and interesting articles.
Think Instagram, but better – because all the items you see are shoppable.

2. Explore fun activities in Singapore and Asia

Do your outings always revolve around dinner and a movie? Boring.

Now you can level up your weekends with the fun and exciting experiences that we recommend to you.
Getfash makes it unbelievably easy for you and your friends to get out of your rut, and discover new experiences together.

You might uncover your hidden talent for painting. You might realise that you really, really suck at rock climbing. But no matter what happens, you’ll definitely create some amazing memories with your friends, have tons of fun in the process, and also get to know yourself a little bit better.

3. Save money & shop guilt-free!

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Buying an outfit that costs you S$150? Purchase it through Getfash and get 5% cashback – that translates into S$7.50 back, in real cash!

Just click on any featured item in our articles with this icon -5% and start shopping.

For Singaporeans, you’ll receive this via bank transfer; for readers from other parts of Asia, you’ll receive this via Paypal, with the amount earned being converted to your home currency.

Your 5% cashback applies to:
  • all items on our brand partner's website, and
  • is applied on your total bill - after in-store discounts and promo codes.
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For Experiences

For each experience story that we bring to you in conjunction with our brand partners, we offer a special deal just for Getfash readers. This can range from attractive discounts, to free gifts that we include with your purchase.

These special deals vary according to the experience – you’ll be able to find all the details you need on the specific article pages!

The Getfash Story

Getfash was founded by Gerald, Lucius, and Cherie, who wanted to create a platform that would help readers answer the age-old question – “what should we do this weekend?”

It was (and still is!) Gerald, Lucius and Cherie’s belief that life starts at the end of your comfort zone – and that sticking to the same repetitive routine is a sure-fire way to diminish happiness. With Getfash, readers can easily enjoy new experiences and create new memories with their friends, family and loved ones.