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Singaporeans really love shopping online, and the innumerable online retailers can attest to that. Some people shop by brand loyalty, while others, shop with model loyalty. What this means is that they like the model so much, they tend to shop the clothes that these models wear.

Local e-commerce stores also usually cater to an Asian fit, creating a platform for petite girls to model. Shoppers also tend to follow a model if they are of similar sizes, meaning how the item looks on the model, will look almost the same on them. This helps a lot since you can't always return the item you've purchased. 

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On the other hand, online retailers may also engage models with a large social media following to appeal to their crowd. In fact, it's not uncommon for these girls to have fans. Either way, it's a win-win situation for shoppers like us! 

Most of these models are only part-time, so social media really gives us an insight into their daily lives! If you follow these models, you'll know they're mega-stylish, so you can learn about new brands, or see how the item fits on them before you decide to buy it. 

Charlotte Lum