focus keyword

Draft: How does this brand manage a new launch every week?

Quantity AND quality. New launch every week but maintain quality of products, etc...

THIS PART HERE promotes Lara 'J, gives you brand equity, and makes people understand how you are able to achieve both

Article format can either be:

(1) Article type, and include quotes from Kristal. For example: We didn't believe that both quality and quantity can be achieved at the same time, until Kristal convinced us: "By working a lot in advance and having a tight team helps a lot."

Or, (2) Q&A Style:

What is the typical timeline of a product?

Kristal: Let's say in January, I will do research for 2 weeks. Then, I start conceptualising and come up with my designs in 4 weeks. From there, we start negotiations on this design with the manufacturer in terms of styling and fabric. And once that's done, it will take another 1 month for them to produce the quantity that we need for our inventory.


To create some buzz and engagement for your brand, we suggest doing a giveaway. For example, we can ask them to submit stories of them in Lara J clothing, like "Share with us a memorable event that happened when you were dressed in Lara J". Details to be discussed...