We Help Fashion Brands Sell Through Compelling Content

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Marketing in the online fashion world is increasingly more competitive.

Consumers are bombarded with “New collection out now!”, “Enjoy 15% OFF!”, and all sorts of “influencer” marketing everyday. They are tuning out and brand loyalty is decreasing.

At Getfash, we specialize in helping online fashion brands stand out through creative content marketing.

We use a simple 2-step approach to create content that gives your audience informational and emotional value, and most importantly, generates sales for you:

  1. Content Conceptualization
  2. Sales Tracking Integration

1. Content Conceptualization

We work closely with our brand partners to create compelling content to market their collections, branding message, and latest launches.

Here’s an example of branded content we did for Ohvola:

This advertorial had a high click through rate of 4.5% ( 1,590 / 35,285 ). Most brands don’t go beyond 1% when they use Facebook advertising.

People were also spending quality time to read Ohvola’s story:

Here’s another interesting article we did for Ministry of Retail:

It had a high click through rate of 5.3% ( 456 / 8,658 ).

We don’t just do sponsored content that feature only one brand. All of our brand partners have the privilege of being featured in our organic, multi-brand articles like these:

9.8% click through rate | Link

6.1% click through rate | Link

We can also create engaging Facebook posts like this:

And, captivating videos too:

As you can see, value-adding content gives your audience positive feelings about your brand.

2. Sales Tracking Integration

We make our content shoppable with one focus in mind – generating sales for our brand partners.

We link shoppers to our brand partners’ online store to make purchases, like this:

For Facebook posts, we create branded short links that direct viewers to the online store:

We then track the sales generated by our content using our brand partners’ Facebook Pixel and a special Getfash sales tracker. Both are super easy to setup.

Sales Tracking with Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook to promote our content and measure the resulting sales with Facebook Pixels:

Getfash Sales Tracker

Besides Facebook ads, we use other channels to promote our content. Sales resulting from that is tracked with our special Getfash Sales Tracker.

This tracker can be installed on your online store within seconds. This allows us to track and generate a list of customer orders made as a result of Getfash content:

Our brand partners love working with us

“Getfash’s service is impeccable. Have coffee with Gerald and listen to his ideas.”
– Elfaine Tan, founder of I’M IN

“I feel comfortable working with Gerald because he’s always willing to share his insights. His team goes the extra mile and really cares about our business.”
– Lucinda Zhou, founder of Ohvola

“Getfash has been running profitable campaigns consistently for Lara 'J. That’s the reason I’m glad to work with them on a regular basis.”
– Wee Jun Wei, CEO of Lara ‘J

“We've gotten concrete, impressive results with the help of the Getfash team - there's no one who does content better than them.”
– Vincent Goh, Director of Ministry of Retail

Our Clients & Brand Partners

Here are some brands we've had the privilege of working with.

Getfash x TheSmartLocal

As Getfash’s shoppable content concept is unique and provides value to both brands and consumers, we were able to partner with TheSmartLocal to strengthen our content creation and distribution framework.

TheSmartLocal is Singapore’s leading lifestyle portal that reaches over 3 million Singaporeans each month.

Be a Getfash Brand Partner – You’ll love our pricing plans

Unlike most web publications and influencer agencies, we don’t charge exorbitant prices for our services. In fact, our pricing plans help align our interests with our brand partners – generating sales through great content.

If you’d like to come onboard and have compelling content created for your audience, drop us an email at hi@getfash.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 2-3 business days.

For PR/Media agencies, please note that we give priority to fashion brands that want to establish a business partnership with us. If you would like us to cover your clients, kindly ask us for our pricing plans.